Ogreen brand identity

We are plant enthusiasts who believe in and embrace the inherent power of plants, and wish to share this belief with the rest of the world. Plants brighten up our homes and offices, and evoke a sense of peace and tranquility while we rush to live our busy lives. Plants give us oxygen and clean the air we breathe.

Going green is not a trend, it’s a solution!

The brand

We strongly believe in doing everything we can bring nature back into people’s lives. This goes far beyond just selling plants.  


The sub brands

Ogreen Clean Machines are plants that have been scientifically proven to clean the air in our homes, schools and offices. The Ogreen Mood Machines are a carefully curated contemporary collection of on-trend plants to brighten up any interior.

The brand story

Brand imagery should express the sentiment that nature can take care of you. Think of a plant pharmacy/apothecary: green combined with a clean, clinical look and strong typography for copy to explain the benefits of plants.
For the Clean Machines we use water and blue for the power of nature aspect.
For the Mood Machine we use sunlight, shadow and sunflower yellow for the power of nature aspect. 


Copy: Suzanna Knight 
Logo design: Pot & Van Der Velden
Brand identity: Roos Oosterbroek
Photography story: Roos Oosterbroek
Photography: Roos Oosterbroek
Social media: Roos Oosterbroek