Barbarossa Bay brand identity

Barbarossa Bay is a new label that stands for love, happiness and fun. Love for your body and environment; happiness and pleasure that goes with sharing the days bathed in the natural gold of the sun and the sea.

Love, happiness & fun in the sun! 

The brand

In addition, Barbarossa Bay is committed to make current products on the market more female-friendly. For example, swim suits and bikinis will be fitted with small adjustments so that the products stay in place while swimming and are suitable for different body types. Barbarossa Bay also wants to support the appeal of women to the fashion industry to make more use of natural advertising. We agree that the current beauty image should be broadened with respect for all types of women.

The identity

Inspired by sea life and created with passion for adventure, beauty and sunshine. See the Barbarossa Bay brand book below.

The products of Barbarossa Bay

The products of Barbarossa Bay should become synonymous with nice days. This means that the brand must pass the test of time. It will be a beautiful brand that, just like its target group, is not guided by trends.


Client: Barbarossa Bay
Copy: Emma Ferdinandus
Logo design and brand identity: Roos Oosterbroek